Inglehurst Junior School

After years of using the Council's compliance package, new School Site Manager, Paul Williams, pitched to his senior leadership team the idea of bringing this responsibility in-house. In doing so, they achieved some incredible results through using a combination of team upskilling, an iAM Compliant account, and employing a private Facilities Management service for contractor tasks.


The Challenge

Inglehurst Junior School has a building that is over 130 years old and situated in a deprived area. Having a legacy contract with the Local Authority in place to manage their compliance, the school was spending more than £20k per year to use this service.

Unfortunately, despite the cost, the school was receiving a poor quality service that was neither cost nor time efficient.

Contractors were being used for many minor servicing tasks and the school would be forced to wait a long time to get issues resolved. Quotes for projects were sometimes 10x higher than if sourced privately and the site team had little control over when work could happen. More often than not, they were experiencing overpromising and underdelivering.

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The Solution

When it came to renewing the contract for the year, Paul gathered evidence for the SLT and Governors about how much money could be saved by moving the school's compliance management in-house. 

Paul sourced an affordable compliance software, iAM Compliant, to ensure that he could remain on top of ALL his tasks and be fully aware of all the legislation required to remain completely compliant.

He also sourced a private local facilities management company to help him with any contractor specific tasks. All other tasks were to be completed by himself which could be learned and monitored through iAM.


The Result

  • The cost of the compliance and premises management budget has been reduced by several thousand pounds per year (approximately 50% less).
  • The transition from using the Council Helpdesk to in-house management was seamless and without issue.
  • Paul now has more control over contractors and employs them when is convenient for the school.
  • Workload is now much more efficient for the site team and is no more than it was before when outsourcing to the LEA. 
  • Remaining fully compliant is now much easier with better, more accurate reporting.
  • It's easier to upskill the site team to perform minor tasks thanks to iAM's 'How to' videos and the ability to record and save their own instructions.

What their Site Manager had to say:

"Being a newly promoted Site Manager, I needed some software that was going to make my life a lot easier and help me with all my compliance tasks and record keeping. Having searched the internet I came across iAM and have not looked back since. Everything is in one place, well organised, easy to use and full of other possibilities to assist me in my role.  It is my go-to programme on a daily basis and would recommend it to anyone without compliance software. Even if you choose to remain with your LEA, you should still use iAM to keep you fully compliant!" 

Paul Williams, Site Manager at Inglehurst Junior School