iAM takes care of your compliance needs, allowing you to take care of your business.
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The easy-to-use, business compliance support solution

iAM is an informative web based application that has been specifically designed to cater for the compliance needs of small businesses. It advises you of your responsibilities and helps you co-ordinate the completion of tasks.

How we work

01. Sign up

iAM’s sign up is quick and requires nothing more than a simple tick-box survey, detailing what you have in your building.

02. See your to-do list

iAM uses your survey to produce a task list that will help keep you compliant. We'll also send you reminders by email when tasks are due.

03. Stay Compliant

iAM lets you know which tasks you can do yourself, how to complete them and which tasks need a qualified person to complete them.

Features & Benefits of iAM

Easy Access


iAM is an easy to use web-based tool which offers access to current compliance regulations, and recommended practice advice, therefore saving money and time of all users.

Easy Access

You can access iAM at anytime from any computer. iAM keeps a full audit trail which is available at the touch of button, meaning no more lost paperwork.


iAM will send you automatic reminders by email when tasks are due, making sure you never miss an important compliance date again.


The iAM Academy offers simple step-by-step “How To” guides for all users to perform all statutory competent person checks, raising staff awareness, and saving the cost of paying a qualified person to perform a competent task.


iAM ensures that all users have access to current compliance regulations so that critical safety measures can be implemented.


Our pricing is straightforward and easy to understand. You’ll pay a flat fee for each location you wish to manage on iAM depending on which plan you sign up for.

3 year plan: £499 per annum
2 year plan: £649 per annum
1 year plan: £999 per annum

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From £499 / year*

* per location (ex VAT)

What people are saying about iAM

“The ability to educate myself on the compliance requirements that I have as a business owner is absolutely essential. The fact that iAM allows me to automatically diarise the tasks I need to complete to stay compliant, means that I never miss any deadlines. My insurance company and I both love it!”

Chris Dobson Chris Dobson Owner of Wiff Waff Bars, Durham

“The most comforting feature is the schedule view. It shows me all of the upcoming tasks that need to be carried out, and the iAM Academy gives me a step-by-step guide helping me to do most of the simple tasks. With iAM I can be proactive rather than reactive in my workshop.”

Sonny Hassan Sonny Hassan Owner of BUKcase, Manchester

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