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Asbestos Awareness (Refresher)

If you breathe in materials containing asbestos, you have a high risk of reduced life expectancy. Whether or not you deal with asbestos in your job, it’s important to know about it so you can avoid it. This asbestos training course will help. It’s a fact-filled explainer animation which will help you mitigate against breathing in those little airbourne blighters and prevent that cancerous Mesothelioma from occurring.

Learning outcomes:
  • Understand asbestos, its legacy and how it affects health
  • Demonstrate procedures to deal with an asbestos emergency
  • Identify key legislation and complete risk assessments
  • Outline records and compliance requirements
  • Put safe systems of work into place
What you will learn
Who is this course for
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This asbestos online training course will help you to understand the history behind asbestos, its legacy, and how it affects people’s health. It will also show you how to assess the risk of asbestos, and how to deal with an exposure or discovery of asbestos. And, by exploring things like legislation, safe systems of work, and risk-minimising interventions, such as PPE, this course will equip you with the knowledge to handle any potential asbestos situations you may face.
This asbestos training is suitable for Headteachers, SBMs. and other school leaders, as well as ‘responsible people’ to ensure everyone is protected from asbestos hazards.
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