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Gain insight into the compliance industry within schools and Mats. Keep up to date with  trends and hot topics happening in iAM Compliant.

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"The main benefit is that everything is in one place and easily accessible.  I also really like the document vault that lets you keep all the reports and other things like O&M manuals, electrical drawings et cetera in one place. Trying to find things in premises managers filing cabinets is a nightmare!"
"Not every school has a compliance manager or an expert in facilities. IAM compliant provides that. The videos are so helpful, they can take you from not knowing how to take water temperatures to how to take water temperatures very, very quickly.
It's so easy to look at IAM compliant and work out where you're at and whether your policies are compliant and whether you're actually in compliance on a day -to -day basis.
It is a great system for that."
"The iAM training platform is amazing, the training is built to IOSH standards and so easy to navigate.  The training courses are fun and easy to follow, they deliver the legislation and understanding of each subject in an easy language that delivers great results for the user. The range of courses is brilliant with so many areas covered and still improving. I would recommend this training platform as a great tool to use for the development of your employees."
"After years of using the Council's compliance package, new School Site Manager, Paul Williams, pitched to his senior leadership team the idea of bringing this responsibility in-house. In doing so, they achieved some incredible results through using a combination of team upskilling, an iAM Compliant account, and employing a private Facilities Management service for contractor tasks."