Watering Plants

We're always on the lookout for a great talent

We’re a creative bunch at iAM. But more than that, we’re a community, with a real mix of different backgrounds and experiences.

We believe in great talent, not job titles and pieces of diploma paper. That’s why it doesn’t matter if you’ve been in your career for a couple of months or many years; if you can prove you can do the job and work with us collaboratively, then you’re the right fit.

We’re a fast paced company with two different brands and multiple projects on the go at once. Sound like your sort of thing?

Current vacancies

Senior Marketing Executive / Marketing Manager

How many Marketers does it take to change a light bulb?

Well, we don’t know because ours has just gone off on maternity leave. So, in the interest of completing the joke, we’re hiring cover. We’re actually recruiting for a full-time permanent position, but that didn’t fit the joke. Anyway…

If you take the job, you’ll get:

- A ladder (if you need one)
- A box of light bulbs
- Free Wednesday brekkie
- Access to the office tiki bar
- Wages
- Paper
- Pens

In between changing the bulbs, we could do with some marketing expertise as well…

Y’know, like helping us drive the iAM brand with innovative campaigns and get people to take free trials so we can make a few sales? 

If you’re the person we’re looking for you’ll fully understand the relationship between sales and marketing. Having a strong knowledge of the Tech SAAS market is essential, too. 

Get the job and you’ll be working very closely with the Creative Director and his team of highly experienced creatives, such as scriptwriters, storyboard artists, animators and voice-over artists. And the tiki bar. Don’t forget the tiki bar.

About us

We’re an EdTech and Learning Technologies Group with a strong focus on compliance and fun corporate learning. We make workplace learning fun. Yep. You heard right. Fun. How? Through storytelling we grow people's skills by making the very best animated, eLearning content.

We’re made up of two companies: iAM Compliant and iAM Learning.

Both businesses are scaling quickly in their respective SaaS and CaaS worlds and we need someone to help us shout about how good we are so we can get even bigger and take over the world!

Things you’ll need and what you'll be responsible for:

- Hubspot experience essential
- Marketing strategy implementation:  effectively and efficiently action the overall marketing strategy and be able to contribute ideas towards it. Host weekly meetings and keep the team regularly updated.
- Content Management: help plan out what digital content needs to be published including blogs, social posts, and pillar pages. Can brief, draft, edit, and optimise all content.
- Social Media Management: community management of all channels as well as draft/plan/edit posts. Ideally, take ownership of the platforms in line with the overall strategy. If you’re passionate and invested in social media, this is totally for you. 
- Blog writing/editing: plan, draft/brief, edit, optimise for SEO
- Event coordination: take care of all admin and seek out new opportunities 
- Digital: have an in-depth understanding of SEO and website performance. Experienced using a CMS, metadata copywriting, and proficient with PPC channels.
- Data reporting and forensics: Look at our output and understand what is working, what isn’t, and what we need to do more of.
- Campaign management: can effectively create a campaign - both autonomously plan new ideas and implement existing strategies. Help us out with our content strategy.
- Email marketing: Working with our creative writers to plan, draft and build emails for campaigns, automation workflows, and monthly newsletters
- Sales collateral: help with online and offline materials and communications

For more information about the role or to apply, please email careers@iamlearningcontent.com with your CV, cover letter and a short 60-second video to introduce yourself.

We welcome applicants from both around the Chester area, as well as remote-based (you just won't be able to use the tiki bar as often!).

Project Assistant & Office Executive PA

We’re looking for someone to work alongside our existing Creative Team and Directors and provide the administrative support they need to keep all the plates spinning! You’ll be working in a fast-paced environment alongside a wide range of creatives from scriptwriters, to storyboard artists, animators, voiceover specialists and graphic designers. So, you need to be able to multitask and think on your feet. Attention to detail is essential and you’ll have bags of initiative.


We’re an EdTech and Learning Technologies Group with a strong focus on compliance and fun, corporate learning. Yes, you heard it right. Fun. We’re made up of iAM Compliant and iAM Learning, with both businesses scaling quickly in their respective SaaS and CaaS worlds. 


Need an idea of our culture? Well, we make workplace learning fun again. It’s what we do. How do we do it? We grow people's skills by making the very best in fun, animated e-learning content. Think PIXAR quality explainer videos. And we need someone to help us organise all of that!



Reports To: Creative Project Manager

Responsible For: Supporting the Creative Project Team and wider Senior Leadership Team in managing the production line and administering key business support activities.


To directly support the Creative Project Manager with the following:

- Assisting the smooth and speedy transition of Courses/Resources through each stage of the Production Line by monitoring and actioning ‘tasks’ inside the Project Management Software (Asana)

- Management of Project Management Software (Asana), spreadsheets and filing system (in Dropbox)

- Allocation of projects to scriptwriters, storyboard artists, animators, and developers

- Allocating scripts to voiceover artists, and quality-checking files received

- Supplying links to clients and communicating changes required to writers/artists

- Keeping abreast daily of the production line status, providing regular updates to the Creative Team

- Supporting CPM with schedules, planning and resource allocation

- Helping to identify challenges in the production line and plan contingencies to mitigate against them

- Assist with tracking of assets, project status, duration, and completion

- Miscellaneous tasks to support the wider team (as needed)

To support the wider Senior Leadership Team: -

- Administrative tasks as needed e.g. updating spreadsheets, supporting new course launches, populating key documentation etc.

- Manage Senior Leadership Team diaries, event planning, expenses etc.

- Support the management of HubSpot in conjunction with key sales resources and customer account management leads

- Provide administration for iAM Compliant e.g. updating iAM Accounts, onboarding and sales support (e.g. quotes, tenders and demonstrations)

- Support the Leadership Team with the monthly cycle of operational management and Board Level Meetings

To apply please send your CV to careers@iamlearningcontent.com

Sales Development Representative (SDR)

Who said compliance needs to be boring? We never said that. We’ve made compliance fun. No really, we have. How do you explain to someone the dangers of working in a confined space, or completing a Risk Register, without them falling asleep? By using iAM Compliant of course! We are hiring for a Sales Development Representative (SDR) to join our wonderful sales team. Utilising LinkedIn, email campaigns, existing networks and attendee lists you will help us to cultivate and arrange meetings, supporting the sales function. The role is varied and rewarding, did we mention decent rewards for the high performer? We’re talking about a decent salary, commission, and free breakfasts on Wednesdays and regular trips to the Ivy. Oh, and you get to work with our Luke. An experience in itself!

So, who are we? We are an EdTech and Learning Technologies Group with a strong focus on compliance and fun corporate learning, yes fun, you heard it right. We’re made up of iAM Compliant and iAM Learning, with both businesses scaling quickly in their respective SaaS and CaaS worlds. iAM Compliant is a web-based compliance tool built specifically for schools. It's been designed to help our schools with the everyday management of school health and safety, statutory reporting, staff training and more. They can manage their assets, track DfE policy compliance, produce governor reports and even prevent potential issues from happening before they occur.


Reports To: Sales Team Leader

Responsible For: Building and managing leads


This new role is critical in helping us deliver our targets, working alongside and reporting to the Sales Team Lead, you will be tasked with:

- Researching and identifying prospects; contacting them and driving the sale
- Qualifying leads, by identifying their needs and understanding their business
- Updating and maintaining CRM accurately with every interaction
- Creating social media posts to generate interest and interaction
- Booking meetings in for the Sales Team
- Sharing collateral with prospects to support the prospect-nurturing journey
- Driving outbound calls and holding initial meetings to outline the product (including questioning prospects to gain valuable insight)
- Following up on marketing campaigns to identify sales opportunities
- Following up on cold leads to generate new interest in the updated product
- Support the sales and marketing teams with data management
- Learn how to run demos and onboarding sessions

To apply please send your CV to careers@iamcompliant.com