Asbestos Toolkit

Be Asbestos Ready - Free Toolkit

With HSE inspections imminent, now is the time to make sure your school is managing your asbestos correctly. This free toolkit includes guides, webinars, podcasts and a free eLearning course to help you prepare.

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Free Menopause Awareness at Work Course

Over half of the working population will experience symptoms of menopause in their lifetime. But it’s something that, up until now, is rarely talked about openly. Kickstart the conversation in your school with this free course.

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New Staff Health & Safety Induction eBook

Get your new starters up to speed with your school’s general premises information, policies, and statutory health and safety training. This guide will help you create a simple and seamless pathway to new school staff inductions.

Mental Health Awareness Week (1)

Talking to Children About Mental Health - Free Course

Mental Health isn’t just for grown-ups! Here's a FREE short video course that explains the steps you can take to broach the conversation with kids about their feelings, problems, and mental health.

Understanding Self Harm

Understanding Self Harm - Free Course

Sometimes young people can struggle to articulate how they're feeling and self-harming can be a way to express their emotions. Self-harming is a tricky subject to tackle but this short eLearning course will help.

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Compliance Mythbusters - Free Micro-Learning Cards

Find out if you really need to spend a good chunk of your annual budget on simple tasks like PAT testing, fire extinguisher maintenance, emergency lighting tests and more...