The Diary of an SBM

Find out what happens when Clare the School Business Manager gets an unexpected visitor to help her solve all her compliance and estates management problems.

Not Enough Time

After a manic start to the day, Clare faces the age-old problem faced by all School Business Managers: not having enough time in the day to get everything done. As she tries to juggle all her urgent tasks she gets a visit from someone who could solve all her problems.

Lack of Budget

School budgets are being squeezed to the max right now. They've always been tight but with the current cost of living crisis and impending recession, Clare is finding it even more difficult to find the funding to cover all the expenses involved in running a school estate and managing compliance. What can she do?

I'm Confused!

With so many facets of compliance and estates management to juggle to keep the school running, Clare has ended up with multiple systems, software and spreadsheets to try and keep track of everything. No wonder she's so confused as to what's happening across the admin!

Getting Staff on Board

Even if Clare finds the perfect system to help her manage all her school's compliance tasks, it's always difficult to get the rest of the staff to buy into it. You know people don't like change! So what can she do to get her people on side?

No More Chasing

Do you ever get fed up with chasing people to read and sign new policies, documents and risk assessments? Clare sure does! She's already short on time with her overflowing to-do list, so chasing staff down the hallway is something she could really do without. What's the solution? Have a read to find out!