Managing your school's estate just got easier

What if you could keep your school fully compliant for just £1 a day for a whole year? With our new Essentials package you can strip back your estates management to keep things simple, effective and affordable. With GEMS being a key focus for schools, now is the time to invest in your compliance.

Schools Compliance Management Software

We know the cynic in you may be thinking that £1 per day sounds too good to be true, what’s the catch? There isn't one! You can keep on top of all of your premises tasks, manage all your compliance documentation and risk assessments, and provide all of your staff with their statutory training using iAM Essentials. 

Why choose iAM Essentials?

So what makes this package different to our full compliance tool? There are three main benefits to using Essentials including: 

Cost effective

You won’t find a more affordable option on the market that’s as comprehensive as iAM. You’ll be able to manage your key compliance tasks for just £1 a day on a rolling annual contract.

Back to basics

Managing a school premises can be overwhelming. This tool can help you simplify your estate and safety management tasks while still remaining compliant.

Compliance training

Your whole team will have access to the top 10 health & safety and compliance courses you’ll need as part of your staff’s compulsory training.

What’s included in iAM Essentials?

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Premises Tasks

Access the full premises compliance toolkit which includes task management, how to guides, an asset register and guidance on statutory regulations. The system will explain what tasks need to be performed and send you regular reminders for when to do them.

Essentials Website Statutory Compliance Training

Statutory Compliance Training

Complete all your compulsory health & safety training with a 10 course eLearning library. Our courses are IOSH approved and CPD accredited with full certification available. We pride ourselves on keeping our learning fun and engaging - you won't find any boring Powerpoints here!

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Contractor Management

Keep lists and details of your preferred contractors for those jobs that you need a qualified professional to complete. You can attach any relevant documentation (such as their insurance policy), keep records of their contracts and assign maintenance tasks and jobs to them.

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Risk Assessments

Easily upload and store your existing risk assessments, then send them directly to whoever needs to read it. These can be electronically signed so you can track who has read the assessment. You can also create your own ‘Dynamic Risk Assessment’, a quick and easy method of creating a risk assessment from scratch or by using one of our templates.

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Policies and documents

Store all of your health and safety, compliance and safeguarding policies and procedures. Once your document has been published you can send it directly to whoever needs to read it (such as staff members, contractors or other third parties). You can then easily monitor who has signed the document.

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Contract Management

Keep track of all your school's estate and maintenance contracts in one simple place. You can connect individual tasks to be completed as part of a contract and assign the appropriate contractor to complete the job for you.

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Asset Register

List all of your school's assets, not only for your records, but to understand the tasks involved in the upkeep of each asset. iAM has a large database of premises assets to pick from, saving you time and effort. Finding out the current value of your assets is only one click away so you can easily monitor depreciation and overall costs. Plus, tag all of your assets with a QR code to quickly find out its associated details (such as maintenance history, warranties and value).

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Want to see if iAM Compliant is right for your school? Sign up for a free trial for a month and find out how simple it is to keep on top of all your compliance and health & safety.

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