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We know you have limited time to train your staff, which is why we’ve designed 300+ IOSH and CPD accredited bite-size courses. Our goal? To help you get your team fully compliant in minutes, not hours Our courses cover everything from Safeguarding and Cyber Security to Compliance, Health & Safety and more.

The best part? Your iAM subscription includes full access to our comprehensive training library!

Mental Health


Social Media & Self Image      15 mins
Anxiety      15 mins
Warning Signs      10 mins
Depression & Low Mood      15 mins
Workplace Mental Health      15 mins
Cyberbullying      10 mins
Dealing with Suicidal Feelings      10 mins
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy      10 mins
Crisis Prevention      15 mins
Dealing with Stress      15 mins
Coping with Isolation      5 mins
Relaxation      10 mins
Worry & False Thinking      10 mins
Responding to Difficult Events      10 mins
Being Kind to Yourself      15 mins
Drug Abuse Awareness      15 mins
Paranoia      15 mins
Panic Attacks      15 mins
Sleep Problems      15 mins
Self Harm      10 mins
Social Media, Screens & Teens      10 mins
Exam Stress      15 mins
Attachment & Separation Anxiety      15 mins
Eating Disorders      10 mins
Talking about Men’s Mental Health

Environment, Sustainability & Governance (ESG)

Energy Efficiency
Corporate Social Responsibility
The Role of Eco-Innovation
Waste Management
Economic & Brand Benefits
Green Technology & Carbon Zero
Leading Ethical Decisions
Workplace Recycling (including Wishcycling)

Dealing with Food Waste, Water Waste & Going Zero Waste Coming soon


Belonging, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Equality, Diversity & Inclusion
Recognising Privilege
Unconscious Bias
Combatting Imposter Syndrome
Bullying (Employees & Managers)
Know Your Worth (And Ask For it)
Bring your Whole Self to Work (Authenticity)
Gender Identity in the Workplace
Anti-Racism in the Workplace
Disability in the Workplace
Creating a Neurodiverse Friendly Workplace
Importance of an Inclusive Workplace

Psychological Safety


Safe Place to Fail – Learning from Mistakes
Dare to Disagree – Creating a Feedback Culture
I’m Not OK – How to Ask for Help
I’m Not OK – Spotting When Team
Members are Struggling
Dare to Disagree – Challenging Leadership Constructively
Safe Place to Fail – Creating a Fail-Fast Environment
The Dangers of Echo Chambers
It’s OK Not to Know Everything
Building and Rebuilding Trust
Championing Others
Addressing a Blame Culture

Health & Safety


Risk Assessment Training      15 mins
Lighting      15 mins
Good Housekeeping      10 mins
Covid-19 Awareness      15 mins
Personal Hygiene in the Workplace      15 mins
Winter Weather Awareness   10 mins


Slips, Trips & Falls      15 mins 
PPE Essentials      20 mins
The Basics of Manual Handling      20 mins
Fire Safety Awareness       15 mins
Aggression & Violence      15 mins
Introduction to Safe Systems of Work      20 mins
General Workshop Safety Equipment      15 mins
Getting In & Out of Buildings      10 mins
Temperature      15 mins
Welfare Facilities      15 mins
Drugs & Alcohol at Work      15 mins
Sharps    15 mins
Defining Hazard & Risk    15 mins



Asbestos Awareness      20 mins
Working with Substances Hazardous to Health 15 mins
Hand-Arm Vibration (for employers)  10 mins
Heavy Plant - Lift Truck Safety
Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations (LOLER)


The Adventures of the Lone Worker       20 mins
Working at Height       20 mins
Legionnaires' Awareness      20 mins
The Ups & Downs of Ladder Safety      15 mins
The Adventures of RIDDOR      5 mins
Working in Confined Spaces      20 mins
Fire Warden Awareness      15 mins
Computer Workstations (DSE)      15 mins
Accident Reporting Training      15 mins
Plant & Machinery      15 mins
Electricity - The Shocking Truth      15 mins
Noise      20 mins
Abrasive Wheels      15 mins
Introduction to First Aid      20 mins
CDM Regulations      15 mins
Driver Awareness Training      15 mins
Control of Contractors      15 mins
Dangerous Substances (DSEAR)
Spill Prevention & Control
Electrical Safety

Cyber Security


The GDPR Guru      30 mins

Using a Strong Password      15 mins

Viruses & Malware      15 mins

Staying Safe Online      15 mins

Phishing      15 mins

Protection & Infection Control      15 mins

The Internet of Things      10 mins

Email Security      10 mins

Spoofing Attacks      15 mins

Denial of Service Attack      10 mins

Data Handling (Best Practices)   15 mins

The Role of Data Protection Officers  15 mins

Working Remotely (But Safely)

Life In The Cloud

Fake News

Disaster Recovery Coming Soon

WiFi Security Coming Soon

Stolen Devices Coming Soon

Choosing the Right Cloud Vendor Coming Soon

Targeted Ransomware Coming Soon

Protecting Your Personal Data Coming Soon

Power Skills


Strategic Thinking
Active Listening
Creating Effective Online Meetings
Preparing a Presentation
Sharing Ideas in Meetings
Critical Thinking (coming soon)
How to Delegate (coming soon)
Dealing with Emotional & Angry Customers (coming soon)
Effective Questioning (coming soon)
Assertiveness (coming soon)
Customer Success Management (coming soon)

Soft Skills (Behavioural Change)


Time Management      10 mins
Effective Decision Making      10 mins
Emotional Intelligence      10 mins
Creating a Coaching Culture      10 mins
How to Have an Honest Conversation      10 mins
Personal Productivity      10 mins
Unconscious Bias      10 mins
Collaborative Problem Solving      10 mins
Communication Skills      10 mins
Remote Worker 101 (Lifesaver)      20 mins
The Power of Storytelling      10 mins
Change Management      10 mins
Conflict Management      15 mins
Return to Work 101      15 mins
Hybrid Working 101      20 mins
Inspiring Action      10 mins
Ask for Help      10 mins
Combatting Imposter Syndrome      10 mins
Turn off Work Thoughts During Free Time!      10 mins
The Role of Luck (Taking Risks)      10 mins
Bring Your Whole Self To Work (Authenticity)      10 mins
Dealing With Stressful Situations       10 mins
Redefine Your Personal Average       10 mins
Know Your Worth (And Ask For it)      10 mins
Leadership in a Crisis      10 mins
Dare to Disagree     10 mins
Influencing, Persuading & Negotiating
Building & Rebuilding Trust 10 mins
Utilising Your Network
Health & Wellbeing


Mental Health first aider      15 mins
Dangers of Night Working      20mins
Kicking The Bad Habits      15 mins
Managing Shift Work      15 mins
The Importance of Exercise      10 mins
The Importance of Sleep      15 mins 
Food Safety


Allergy Awareness      30 mins


The Control of Cross Contamination      20 mins
Food Safety & Hygiene Level 2 (Overview)      20 mins



Basic Safeguarding Awareness      15 mins
Types of Abuse      20 mins
Creating a Safeguarding Culture      15 mins
FGM      15 mins
Managing a Safeguarding Disclosure      15 mins
Helping People Stay Safe Online      15 mins
Neglect      15 mins
Prevent      15 mins
Understanding & Identifying Patterns of Grooming Coming Soon

Leadership & People Management

Looking After Your Team - 10 courses
Team Performance - 13 courses
Leadership Styles & Situations - 15 courses
Core Skills & Power Skills - 19 courses

Health & Wellbeing
The Importance of Exercise      10 mins
Managing Shift Work      15 mins  
The Importance of Sleep      15 mins 
Mental Health First Aider   15 mins
Kicking the Bad Habits   15 mins
The Dangers of Night Working   20 mins


Asbestos Awareness      5 mins


The Adventures of the Lone Worker    5 mins
The Basics of Manual Handling    5 mins
Working at Height    5 mins
Working in Confined Spaces    5 mins
Fire Safety Awareness    5 mins

iAM Compliant CPD courses

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