Soft skills to help enact positive behavioural change.

Everyone wants a highly skilled, motivated workforce, and this collection can help provide that. It’s a group of what we think every organization should have as standard when it comes to development and culture change. This collection helps individuals enact behavioural change, with courses that challenge the learner to upskill. These skills include time management, effective decision making and how to have an honest conversation. Basically, it’s extremely useful for creating high performing teams and empowering people to develop themselves.

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A glimpse at some of the courses

Our extensive behavioural change collection includes topics around communication skills, emotional intelligence, conflict management, personal productivity, change management and how to create a coaching culture. They are all useful skills to learn and are delivered with the usual engaging iAM animation and interactivity. Check out more detailed descriptions of our most popular courses below.

Conflict Management

‘If I find out who’s been stealing my yoghurts, there will be SEVERE repercussions!’

‘Don’t look at me, I’m lactose-intolerant.’

Ah, the office. A shared fridge is a breeding ground for passive-aggressive notes, it seems. The thing is, a modern office often contains a mix of big personalities and cultures. Whilst diversity is a brilliant thing, hiring people from all walks of life can lead to some conflicts in the workplace if those cultures collide. With our guidance, you can take control of your office to help mitigate any conflicts and help prevent them in future.

Time Management

Have you ever had to deal with someone who is consistently late? It throws all your plans out, and is pretty frustrating, to say the least. Having to rearrange appointments, or rushing to get to places on time because others have made you late are just annoyances we can do without in our lives.

Anyway, when it comes to working, managing your time properly is key. How many times have important targets or sales been missed simply because you didn’t have the time to deal with them at that moment? Letting your work build up can also create unnecessary stress and other problems, too. Using this course, you can finally get on top of it. We’re giving you the gift of time.

Emotional Intelligence

Shed a tear at the beginning of Up? Totally normal, it’s harrowing. But if you’re still bawling by the time the house is floating across South America, it’s fair to say you might not be in complete control of your emotions.

That’s okay. It happens. But it can put you at a disadvantage when it comes to your working life. Emotional intelligence is the ability to understand, use, and manage your emotions in positive ways which lead to, well, positive effects. Like more effective communication, for example. Or the ability to empathise, defuse conflicts, overcome challenges and relieve stress. That’s where this course will help. We’re going to take a look at exactly how you can use your EI to take control of your emotions.

Effective Decision Making

This course looks at the key factors that go into making a decision - reasoning and subconscious intuition, or gut feeling - which will help you understand exactly how the process works. It explains how to apply reason and intuition in your decision making, and ways to overcome problems that might affect your decision making. Doing so will help guide you towards making the right decision every time.

Change Management

Change happens, and in business, those changes are critical to success. This course looks at the essential steps for effective change management and explores the consequences if you manage change badly. For the benefit of your entire business, the course also contains details of how to cope with those big changes.

Unconscious Bias

This course explains what unconscious bias is, and where it comes from. It’s something all of us should make an effort to understand, because sometimes we are unwilling or unable to acknowledge and address it. Unconscious biases can have a negative impact on an organization’s working environment. To overcome unconscious bias, we must recognize the symptoms, and challenge them.

Full course list

Time Management      10 mins
Effective Decision Making      10 mins
Emotional Intelligence      10 mins
Creating a Coaching Culture      10 mins
How to Have an Honest Conversation      10 mins
Personal Productivity      10 mins
Unconscious Bias      10 mins
Collaborative Problem Solving      10 mins
Communication Skills      10 mins
Remote Worker 101 (Lifesaver)      20 mins
The Power of Storytelling      10 mins
Being Your Best Self    10 mins
Speaking up for yourself     10 mins
     10 mins
The power of passion & perseverance
       10 mins
Don't fail fast, fail mindfully
      10 mins
Change Management      10 mins
Conflict Management      15 mins
Return to Work 101      15 mins
Hybrid Working 101      20 mins
Inspiring Action      10 mins
Ask for Help      10 mins
Combatting Imposter Syndrome      10 mins
Turn off Work Thoughts During Free Time!      10 mins
The Role of Luck (Taking Risks)      10 mins
Bring Your Whole Self To Work (Authenticity)      10 mins

Dealing with stressful situations       10 mins
Redefine your personal average
       10 mins
Know your worth (and ask for it)
      10 mins
Leadership in a crisis 
    10 mins

Dare to disagree     10 mins

Influencing, Persuading and Negotiating

Building & Rebuilding Trust 10 mins

Utilising Your Network


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