The easy way to stay compliant overseas!

It’s not just UK schools that can benefit from our amazing compliance tool – we’ve gone international! And why not? Compliance in schools doesn’t just apply to the UK (and we’re helping hundreds of schools here to keep on top of theirs). International Schools face many of the same issues, and iAM Compliant can help solve them.

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Meet Martha Baker, Schools Growth Manager (International)

With a great sales pedigree and a person-focused attitude, Martha is the ideal person to manage schools’ growth internationally. She’s been fortunate enough to travel extensively, and being well-versed in school compliance, Martha has a passion for supporting international schools with their compliance needs.

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How can iAM offer you that compliance support you need?

Check out the benefits and key features of the iAM Compliant tool:

  1. See what needs repairing and replacing at a glance so you can properly budget and forecast future funding
  2. Monitor energy usage, sustainability and costs
  3. Prioritise problem areas by providing building-condition reports that highlight urgent fixes
  4. A real-time Risk Register
  5. Automatically follow up on policy document signing
  6. Specify the type and usage of multiple rooms and buildings to check space utilisation effortlessly
  7. Save precious time and money
Compliance support

Want to know more?

Martha is knowledgeable, super-friendly and helpful, and she’s keen to chat with you. Find out more about what iAM can do to help keep your international school compliant by booking a demo with her today.