Compliance Calendar 2024

Get ahead of the game on all the key areas of compliance in your school!

There are so many areas of estates management which require your attention that it's often difficult to know where to start - or give it the right amount of focus.

That's why we've created a roadmap of different compliance topics to help you manage your time and buildings effectively. Each half term throughout 2024, we'll be providing you with an informative toolkit on specific areas of maintenance so you can remain 100% compliant.


Compliance Calendar for Schools

Asbestos Management

Spring Term: 19th February to 12th April

Asbestos is a topic that has had a lot of attention over the past couple of years. With the HSE having a crackdown on school inspections and some startling figures still circulating (75% of schools in the UK are known to have asbestos!), there's a reason you need to have a suitable management plan in place.

This helpful toolkit will provide all the guidance you'll need to help you manage any asbestos found in your school, prepare for an inspection by the HSE, and even give you a full eLearning course to share with your staff. Plus plenty more tips and resources! 

This will be landing in your inbox very soon, after the February half-term... keep your eyes peeled!

Compliance Calendar Asbestos in schools

Accessibility Maintenance

Spring Term: 15th April to 31st May

The physical environment of school buildings and grounds should be safe and easy for everyone to use, including students and visitors with disabilities. People with disabilities should be able to navigate around the school along with their peers, use standard classroom equipment, and use assistive facilities with ease.

This term, we'll be covering the different maintenance and compliance tasks required to keep your school accessible and safe for both staff and students. From lifts and hoists to ramps and automatic doors, this is a topic with a lot to cover!

Mark this topic in your diary for after Easter.

Compliance Calendar Accessibility Maintenance in schools

Legionella in Schools

Summer Term: 3rd June to 22nd July

Legionnaire’s disease is a nasty form of pneumonia caused by a bacterium called Legionella. People can contract it from infected water sources and soil, breathing it into their lungs unknowingly, where it causes serious, sometimes fatal, damage. It's an essential part of school risk management - particularly with the summer holidays coming up and water systems staying stagnant.

For the summer term, we'll be providing guidance and training in everything you need to know to manage and prevent Legionella from occurring in your school.

We'll focus on this topic after the May half-term.

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Kitchen Compliance

Summer Holidays: 22nd July to 30th August

We know, we know, why on earth should you be worrying about kitchens in the summer holidays? Well, now is a great time to make sure your kitchens are up to scratch while they're having a bit of a break. With breakfast clubs, after-school clubs and even community events becoming ever more frequent in schools, the kitchen is an important facility.

During the summer break, we'll guide you through the tasks you need to complete and the legislation your kitchen needs to abide by. We'll be covering everything from refrigeration and appliances to cleaning and food safety practices.

Who's ready for summer school?

Compliance Calendar Kitchen Compliance

Fire Safety in Schools

Autumn Term: 2nd September to 25th October

With school back in session, an obvious place to start is by reviewing your fire safety practices. You'll have new staff that need inducting, fire drill reminders, alarm tests, and much more.

To help you, we'll provide you with the guidance and training your staff will need - including a new Fire Safety Workflow to help your new starters (and current staff) get up to speed and compliant. We're talking about an easy way to make sure they've completed their compulsory training and read all the relevant policies or risk assessments. And, of course, cover any maintenance tasks that are required.

September is going to get a whole lot easier!


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Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning (HVAC)

Autumn Term: 28th October to 20th December

Brrrrr... winter is coming! The cold weather is imminent so make sure your heating is working. For the final term of 2024, we're going to look at everything you need to do to make sure your HVAC systems are up to scratch, how to use them more sustainably and provide cost-effective suggestions to beat those increasing energy costs.

And that's it, you'll be done for the year. Mark your calendar for the final topic leading up to Christmas!

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