Accessibility Maintenance in Schools

Wherever students or visitors with disabilities go within your school grounds, they shouldn't experience access issues. It's up to you to ensure all standard classroom equipment, assistive facilities and procedures are up to scratch. The physical environment of school buildings and grounds should always be safe and easy for everyone to use.

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During this term, you'll find out what different maintenance and compliance tasks are required to ensure your school is accessible for staff and students alike. That includes lifts, hoists, ramps, automatic doors and more - there's plenty to learn.

Included in your toolkit is:

  • Accessibility Equipment eBook - All the accessibility equipment you never knew you needed in your school
  • Legal Requirements & Guidance Video - Andy Ball explains all the legal aspects of the Disability Act and other policies your school needs to abide by
  • Maintaining your Accessible Assets Video - Andy Ball explains how to conduct the general maintenance requirements of your assets.
  • Fire Safety for Disabled Pupils Video - Andy Ball discusses what you should consider as part of your fire safety processes for SEND pupils.
  • Accessibility learnings from SEND Schools Podcast- Andy is joined by former SEND School Headteacher, Kirsty, to discuss what we can learn from Special School processes.

Download your toolkit today and start reviewing your accessibility practices in your school.

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