Using iAM Compliant Across your Organisation

Like all the best things in life, iAM Compliant is better when shared. Add your colleagues as users to unlock iAM’s full potential.


Once your staff are set up as users you can decide how much access they have to the system. Account owners have 'super admin' access to every element of the system. They have the power to add users up to the subscription limit, upload and send out documents, contact all staff with a safety bulletin, view the details of recorded incidents, and request survey responses. If you're an account owner, try allocating users into different groups to streamline the process of sending documents, bulletins and forms. You will then be able to track who has signed your policies and procedures, who has read your bulletins, and who has responded to your surveys and audits. Account owners can also run reports on compliance task completion and one off jobs, as well as the readership of policy and procedure documents to get an overall picture of what is going on at their organisation.


Location manager is our newest user group, created with Multi Academy Trusts, and other multi-location organisations in mind. This group of users bridges the gap between someone who is a ‘super admin’ with access to administrative privileges across the entire organisation’s iAM account and the site team who have access to the premises compliance elements. Location managers can add users, send out policy and procedure documents, and run reports for the location that they have access to.

iAM pyramid2

iAM pyramid2


The next tier of user is perfect for your facilities team – they can see all of the premises compliance toolkit, they have access to the task list and they are able to record and complete those one off maintenance jobs which pop up from time to time.


Most of your staff will only need to have ‘reporter’ access. This means that they won’t be able to see any of the compliance task list, but they will be able to report any faults they notice which can be sent to your site team. They will also still be able to receive and read or complete any documents, bulletins, or forms that they are sent.


Don’t forget that all of your users, no matter what level of access they have to the compliance toolkit, will also have access to our training library with a range of courses tailored to your subscription, all of which are CPD certified and IOSH approved.


If you’d like to upgrade your iAM Compliant subscription to increase the number of users or locations that you can add or to access more of our training library, get in touch with us today at and we’d be happy to create a bespoke plan which works for your organisation.