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6 Steps to Seamless Staff Inductions - Compliance Training in Schools

Posted by Andy Ball

Ah, your first day on the job. You’re introduced to a dozen people and expected to remember their names. You get a little lost trying to find your way to the loo, and you have no idea where the biscuit stash is for break time. It’s true that new staff members have enough to get their heads around at the start without worrying about compliance. So, helping them get up to speed with your school’s policies and processes as simply and efficiently as possible is a must.

And that’s where a great induction comes in.

Of course, their job role will determine the specific knowledge they’ll have to get up to speed with, but what about all the general premises information, policies, and statutory health and safety training that need to be completed? Boring and time-consuming, right?


Whether it’s a new teacher, support staff, site manager or business manager – each newbie deserves the best start so here’s a summary of our top tips from our guide on how to create a simple and seamless pathway to new school staff inductions with iAM.

New School Staff Inductions – Compliance Training

Step 1: Form an Induction Group

A nice simple start. Kick things off by identifying how many new staff you’ve got joining and create a Group in your iAM account called ‘Induction’ so you can keep a track of who is at the onboarding stage.

Step 2: Circulate Your Policies

Use the Policies & Documentation section of your iAM account to send relevant policies to your newly formed Induction Group. They’ll receive a notification to read the policy and regular reminders to complete the task. Simple, right?

You can then track who’s read the policies so no more annoying chaser emails are needed! Phew!

Step 3: Send Out Your Risk Assessments

 Next up, circulate your Risk Assessments – like with the policies, the Induction Group will receive a notification to read them and again regular reminders to complete the task. One less thing on your to-do list!

Again, like with the policies you’ll be able to track who has read the assessments, when it was read, and for how long.

Step 4: Send Useful Compliance Reminder Bulletins

We all know there’s tons of information to absorb and process when you’re a new starter so this handy feature will help you keep track of whether your additional communications are being received and understood.

Using the Bulletins area, you can send further info requests such as proof of identity, qualification certificates, home contact number and more.

Step 5: Create Your Own Forms

Collect further info and requests from your new starters by creating a bespoke form in iAM. For example, a DSE Assessment to understand their requirements could be a good use of this feature.

Again, you’ll be able to track who has read and completed your form and collate a list of resulting action points.  

Step 6: Complete Their Statutory Compliance Training

Last but certainly not least! As part of iAM you have access to our eLearning library which is packed with all the statutory health & safety and compliance training your new starters will need, all in one place.

eLearning means your new starters can complete the training anywhere, anytime. Before they start you can make sure the key courses such as Safeguarding, and Fire Awareness are completed.

As with policies and risk assessments, you can send notifications to your new starters to complete these modules and generate a report to monitor progress.

Getting your statutory training completed this way will save you a tonne of effort and cost as you’ll no longer have to organise in-person training or repeat sessions due to people’s availability.

Take the headache out of compliance training. Download ‘The superheroes guide for a simple and seamless pathway to new school staff inductions’ to read more. 

Compliance Training - It’s not just for new starters

 The last thing you want is to overwhelm your team by training them all at once during those intensive inset days that, believe me, they dread. Thankfully, with iAM Compliant, you don’t have to. Just follow a similar process to the way you induct new employees, and you can drip-feed those yummy morsels of training instead. It’ll help them retain the information and take the pressure of maintaining their CPD too!

If we haven’t explained enough already, using iAM Compliant, you can easily automate, centralise, schedule, and track your tasks & policies in one place. It’s everything you need to keep your school 100% safe & compliant. Do yourself a favour and start your 30-day free trial today.

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