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Viruses & Malware

If cyber criminals take over your computer, you’re at risk of financial or personal loss. Companies (and even nation states) go to great lengths to protect themselves from cyber threats that stem from a number of origins. Learning about viruses and malware is learning to know your enemy. If you can equip yourself with some simple technical know-how, you’ll be able to block attempted attacks, and keep your devices safe.

What you will learn

This course offers an introduction to common types of virus and malware that cyber criminals use to gain control of your devices and steal sensitive information. It touches on the motivations behind these attacks, because understanding why they are launched gives you a better sense of the angles they come from. If you know what the attacker is trying to get you to do, you can avoid falling victim to their tricks. By following the simple guidance this training provides, you can build your defences to be solid, protecting both yourself and your organization.

iAM Viruses and Malware

About this course

As fast as the technology has grown, so has our need to massively UP our cybersecurity game. Just like in the movies, bad guys have the means to take control of our tech and spy on us, and they won’t hesitate to do so. It’s not just giant corporations and international governments who are targeted – it’s every one of us. The hackers are out there, and you need to take precautions. This course provides a no-nonsense breakdown of some important cybersecurity measures – implement these, and you can shield yourself against attack.

Engaging the learner

Ah, The Matrix. Classic cinema – and a franchise that always seemed destined for a reboot, right? One could argue that the dystopian future imagined in the original movies is just around the corner now, such is the power of technology today. But the machines haven’t taken over yet. In the meantime, we have to battle against the threat posed by cyber criminals trying to break into our devices.

You’d think that a blockbuster theme like The Matrix would be the dominant factor in this little belter of a course, but that’s not the case. We made a number of stylistic choices and chief among those was the use of visuals reminiscent of “old school” computer graphics (like Space Invaders!) to depict malware in action. The videos are beautifully crafted: some nifty “special effects” working together with highly effective camerawork. No need for big flashy Hollywood shots though: most of the time we’re close to the action, over-the-shoulder of the hacker or the target, watching the cyber attacks play out on their display monitors.

This is learning which is both visually arresting and easily digestible – all capped off with an assessment quiz and a handy downloadable infographic



Everyone has the right to learn and learner need can vary demanding on environment or disabilities. This course comes with transcripts so people have text options for an media, subtitles for all videos and is screen reader friendly with alternative text.

We take a number of steps to ensure visuals and navigation is easy for your people.