Latest updates and features on your iAM account

You may have noticed some recent changes to your iAM account. After working with a number of clients and using their valuable feedback, we have adjusted parts of our school premises compliance software to be even more user friendly.

Storing and signing school policies and risk assessments

The main change to the system is the new ‘Documentation’ section. Formerly known as just Risk Assessments. We have now created the additional feature of being able to upload documents such as any existing risk assessments, policies, or procedures that your organisation may have.

Once your document has been published on iAM, you can send it directly to whoever needs to read it (such as staff members, contractors or other third parties) who will be able to electronically sign it. That way, you can keep an up to date record of who has signed the assessment or document – eliminating the need for endless paperwork.

All uploaded documents can be organised into Folders for ease of use.



Create your own quick risk assessment

If you don’t already have a risk assessment for a particular task, you can still create your own.

You have the option to use our ‘Dynamic Risk Assessment’ tool, a quick and easy method of creating an assessment from scratch.

Simply list the hazards associated with the task and decide on what control measures can be put in place. We even have a handy Severity vs Likelihood Axis that can help you rate the level of risk associated with that task.

These can also be sent to colleagues and signed electronically.



Premises Compliance

There have been some minor changes to the layout of our Premises Compliance section too. With new tabs on your task list, you can differentiate between any planned maintenance tasks or one-off jobs that have been requested.

The menu has been simplified so that it is easier to navigate, including a new Manage Assets and Tasks option, where you can easily find how to add tasks or custom assets.

Adding Contractors can now be found in the drop-down menu from Premises Compliance rather than under your account name as before.



Happy to help

If you need any help with your iAM account or would like a refresher on how to use the system, please do not hesitate to contact us via