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Social Media & Self Image

Filtered images and selected moments on social media portray unrealistic goals, which puts overwhelming pressure on young people. The stress to fit in can provoke anxiety, depression, or eating and drug disorders. So, it’s vital to help them understand how the internet can affect their self-image and how to avoid falling into the pressures of online society.

What you will learn

This course explores how social media can impact negatively on young people, and the difference between perception and reality. It also has some useful advice on how to prevent children becoming negatively influenced.

iAM00005 Social Media & Self Image Landing Page Artwork Template

About this course

Social media is a great way to contact celebrities and catch up with friends. And where else could you share pictures of your dinner, or funny memes? But being a social media butterfly can also be very damaging for young people. Feeling like they need to keep up with the amazing lives of the beautiful people can put big pressure on their self-image, leading to some pretty serious consequences. This course will help you understand why people are so involved in online societies, and how they are influenced, so you can help stop yourself, and others, from being sucked into the competition.

Engaging the learner

This course needed to be straightforward, to deliver useful advice for a situation that can have a negative impact on everyone. So, we went for simple animation based on the idea of a real life family situation. By using storytelling, alongside interactive menus to split the course into sections that can be revisited as many times as needed, and keeping everything colourful, eye-catching, and easy to follow, we’ve created a memorable learning experience that will stick.  



Everyone has the right to learn and learner need can vary depending on environment or disabilities. To support this diversity, we provide transcripts so people have text options for media, alongside subtitles for all videos.

The course has been thoughtfully designed to be screen reader friendly with alternative text. We're committed to creating a user-friendly experience, with accessible visuals and easy-to-use navigation.