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Helping People Stay Safe Online (Safeguarding)

The internet can be a scary place, and we’re all at risk of fraudulent or abusive encounters. But children, teenagers and young adults are particularly vulnerable. This course is suitable for parents, carers, teachers and anyone else who works with children or young people. It will show you what to look out for and explain how privacy can help maintain online safety. You’ll also find out how to protect yourself and others from those internet risks.

What you will learn

This course outlines the dangers and risks of sharing information online, so you can identify the warning signs and take steps to make sure vulnerable people are protected from harm. It’ll help you to recognise potential scams and identify which data is safe to share. And it also looks at cyberbullying – what it is and how to manage it if it does occur. 

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About this course

The internet can be a wonderful place, opening doors to creativity and innovation. It’s also a great communication tool, keeping us connected to one another. But there’s a dark side to the World Wide Web. And if you’re a vulnerable person, it can be a dangerous place.

The problem with the internet is anonymity. It’s not always clear who you’re communicating with, and that leaves people open to exploitation and abuse. This course highlights potential dangers and scams and explains the consequences of inaction. It will help you to identify how people can stay safe while surfing the net.

Engaging the learner

Creating a course that helped vulnerable people stay safe online was tricky, yet a really important one to tackle. We needed to be certain that we were giving useful information that would genuinely help people stay safe, but we didn’t want to scare people while doing so. The course is full of up to date, useful information and deals with some of the challenges that carers face when it comes to safeguarding vulnerable people online.

Approved by the world’s biggest Health and Safety organisation, IOSH, we use a mixture of great animation and interactive learning to introduce, teach, develop and test knowledge. It includes a variety of realistic scenarios to highlight potential danger zones as well as a quiz bank of rotating assessment questions to ensure that learners have really grasped the subject.

Piece of mind with testing

Peace of mind with testing

This course also has an assessment at the end which allows learners to test their understanding and helps businesses demonstrate a level of competence in the topic.

With a bank of questions learners will get randomised assessments which means if people do fail the assessment, they aren't faced with the same quiz again; after all you want to test learners knowledge and not their ability to remember the right button to press second time around.



Everyone has the right to learn and learner need can vary demanding on environment or disabilities. This course comes with transcripts so people have text options for an media, subtitles for all videos and is screen reader friendly with alternative text.

We take a number of steps to ensure visuals and navigation is easy for your people. For more information on the steps we take for accessibility check out how we make out courses.

Certified training

This course is an IOSH approved course which gives means you're getting industry bets practice content in health and safety.