School Compliance Management Software

Every school has a legal duty of care to their staff, pupils and visitors to their premises.
The problem is that remaining within the law can be costly and time consuming if not managed efficiently.

iAM Compliant breaks down your premises compliance requirements in to three key areas:

One of the best ways to keep your school compliant is to ensure you are keeping up to date with all of the tasks involved in running the premises. From weekly fire alarm tests and monthly water temperature tests, to annual boiler services and intruder alarm tests - there’s so many things to remember to do.

iAM’s Premises Compliance section allows you to select the ‘assets’ you have, tell you what tasks need to be performed and, most importantly, remind you when to do them.

You will be sent weekly reminders by email when tasks are due, making sure your school never misses an important compliance deadline again.

Requests for odd maintenance jobs from other staff members can also be submitted through iAM for your site team to complete or review.

The iAM Academy offers thousands of pounds worth of Health and Safety Training for all staff including fire safety training, working at height and asbestos awareness. There are also a number of leadership, project and HR micro-training courses available at no extra cost.

iAM also provides “How to guides” for caretakers to perform statutory competent person checks, so that your school no longer has to pay for expensive contractors for simple tasks.

You can also keep a record of what training your staff have undertaken, covering you for any audits, spot checks or Ofsted inspections.

In order to control the risks at your school, you will need to decide what can cause harm to people and if you are taking reasonable steps to prevent harm. This process is known as risk assessment and is something you are required by law to carry out when employing five or more members of staff.

Risk assessments and policies often need to be completed and signed by a number of people, creating a lot of paperwork, which is susceptible to getting lost or being incomplete.

iAM’s Documentation area allows you to upload and store existing risk assessments and policies. Once your document has been published you can send it directly to whoever needs to read it (such as staff members, contractors or other third parties). Plus, you can keep an up to date record of who has signed the assessment or document.

You also have the option to create your own ‘Dynamic Risk Assessment’, a quick and easy method of creating an assessment from scratch.

Save time and money on your school's compliance management


One year’s worth of visits by a fire safety contractor to perform fire alarm tests can cost upwards of £1200+VAT per school.


iAM Compliant’s ‘How to’ guides will train your existing site staff to perform this task themselves as well as reminding them when these are due.


A half day workplace safety training course for one member
 of staff can cost £150 + VAT.


iAM Compliant’s online micro-learning academy consists
 of over 70 courses which are free and unlimited to all
 staff members.


An external health and safety consultant can charge
 hundreds of pounds to provide your school with a set amount
 of risk assessments.


iAM Compliant’s risk assessment module provides pre-written templates and the ability to create your own bespoke assessments. All you have to do is tick a few boxes.


Keeping records and audits of premises compliance and staff training requires administration staff, a lot of time and space to store paper records


iAM Complaint saves you from admin headaches or stress by storing all records within your account, with a real time instant reporting system.

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What our clients say about iAM

  • Terry Redfern,
    Head of Finance, Business and Administration, Brimsham Green School

    “The most important impact iAM Compliant has made on the school is that it gives our managers, our premises team and our governors, surety that we’re doing the right things at the right time and that we’ve done it in the most cost-effective way.”

  • Mike Coyne,
    Headteacher, Hanham Primary Federation

    “The reason we like using iAM Compliant is that it gives us all of the guidance, recording and support for our compliance issues - all in one place. It allows me to just get on with being the Headteacher of my school.”

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