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Dealing with Stress

Stress has been declared a hazard in the workplace. But unlike ‘traditional’ workplace hazards, like frayed wires and boxes in the middle of the aisle, stress is often hard to spot, so it’s harder to deal with. This course has been designed to help you cope with this silent killer. We all suffer with stress at some point, so this course is going to be useful to everyone, wherever they work.

What you will learn

This course will help you understand stress and its effects, both mental and physical. We talk about the definition of stress, the different types of stress that you might suffer from, including acute, episodic acute, and chronic, and explain how to spot stress in others. Of course, it wouldn’t be a course about stress without offering tips on how to tackle it, so you can find plenty of useful advice inside, too.

iAM Dealing with Stress Landing Page Artwork Template

About this course

Stress isn’t just a ‘buzzword’. It’s something that every one of us suffers from. Because stress is so common, sometimes it’s just assumed that we’ll ‘get over it’. But it’s not that simple. Stress can be extremely hard to shake off, in fact, it’s one of the six leading causes of death. We’ve GOT to take it seriously.

We’ve put together this useful course to help you spot stress in yourself and others, as well as advise on how to tackle it. If you don’t spot it and stop it, the consequences can be severe. So, it’s a good idea to pre-arm yourself with techniques to conquer stress whenever it rears its ugly head.

Engaging the learner

Every day, stress manifests itself in different ways. We’re all familiar with it, and it’s no laughing matter. For this reason, we decided to avoid our usual approach, and keep things simple. The course follows the story of a stressed character, one which represents us all, so we can all relate. Dark clouds and other clear imagery reinforce the severity of this sensitive subject, and also help to engage the learner.

We didn’t think it was appropriate to have questions about stress. They would just be something else to stress about, right? But what we did do was provide learners with a workbook, which they can take away and use at their own leisure. It also points them towards helpful resources, such as MIND, Anxiety UK, and the British Heart Foundation, which will offer further support if it’s needed.



Everyone has the right to learn and learner need can vary depending on environment or disabilities. To support this diversity, we provide transcripts so people have text options for media, alongside subtitles for all videos.

The course has been thoughtfully designed to be screen reader friendly with alternative text. We're committed to creating a user-friendly experience, with accessible visuals and easy-to-use navigation.