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Creating a safeguarding Culture

Safeguarding is a vital part of protecting people from harm, but it can be a tough subject to tackle because it's difficult to talk about. This course is for leaders who are interested in establishing an effective culture of safeguarding in their workplace. Understanding your safeguarding responsibilities will help you take practical steps towards providing valuable support to the people you work with.

What you will learn

This course will explain why creating a safeguarding culture is necessary, and vital, in your workplace. You’ll also learn about the safeguarding responsibilities you need to observe, and discover the measures you can take to ensure a safeguarding culture is established across your workplace.

iAM - Creating a safeguarding Culture Landing Page Artwork Template

About this course

Everyone has the right to feel safe from abuse, but sometimes bad things do happen. Ignoring a difficult topic doesn’t make it go away. Quite the opposite. It’s really important to start conversations about abuse so that people are aware of the risks and warning signs, and better equipped to protect vulnerable people from harm.

Creating a safeguarding culture is all about making sure that people feel safe and confident enough to speak about abuse and take action when they need to. Whatever job you do, safeguarding needs to be integrated into the core values of your workplace. Especially if you work with people at high risk of being abused.

Engaging the learner

This course is an interactive experience designed to help create lasting learning. By using interactive knowledge checkers and a multiformat quiz bank, we aimed to deliver a course where learners could test their new knowledge by applying it in different ways.

Given the subject matter, we also tried to approach things in a sensitive way. So, we used plain line-drawn animations, rather than our usual full colour characters and sets. We also included a series of interactive splash screens to break up the course, so that our safeguarding culture course would offer a manageable and memorable learning experience for everyone.

Piece of mind with testing

Peace of mind with testing

This course also has an assessment at the end which allows learners to test their understanding and helps businesses demonstrate a level of competence in the topic.

With a bank of questions learners will get randomised assessments which means if people do fail the assessment, they aren't faced with the same quiz again; after all you want to test learners knowledge and not their ability to remember the right button to press second time around.



Everyone has the right to learn and learner need can vary demanding on environment or disabilities. This course comes with transcripts so people have text options for an media, subtitles for all videos and is screen reader friendly with alternative text.

We take a number of steps to ensure visuals and navigation is easy for your people.

Certified training

This course is an IOSH approved courses which means you're getting industry best practice content in health and safety.