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Computer Workstations (DSE)

This course is essential for any employer who provides employees with a computer, including any screens. It’ll inform you of the health and safety regulations and guide you through your duties to keep workers safe when using display screen equipment (DSE). If computer workstations are set up correctly in your workplace, it can protect staff from experiencing effects like eye strain, upper limb problems, and backache.

What you will learn

This course focuses on how to set up computer monitors and laptops at workstations correctly. People working at screens for much of the day have a right to comfortable working conditions, and this training will include instruction on how to use a keyboard and mouse safely, and how to adjust your position to prevent discomfort. Employers will learn how to assess their workplace and recognize the risks of poorly designed workstations. By addressing issues such as unsuitable furniture or incorrectly placed equipment, they can protect their workers from harm.

Computer Workstations (DSE)

About this course

“If you sit too close to the screen your eyes will go square!” Yes, that was a pretty unconvincing argument our parents told us. But it would have been a bit too lengthy to say, “If you sit at an incorrect viewing angle it will cause eye strain, upper limb problems and backache, and the glare from the display will force you to rely on glasses”. No child would take notice of that…

This course covers exactly what’s required to set up your workstations correctly and support your staff (see what we did there?). It’ll also give you the facts so you can threaten your children with confidence when they’re on the iPad for too long. A great side-effect of useful learning, we think you’ll agree.

Engaging the learner

The crux of this course is the instruction it provides on setting up computer workstations correctly. So we took instruction as a theme to work with – fitness instruction! The pivotal scene on preventing physical discomfort places us in an office environment, but with a lycra-clad fitness instructor calling out what steps to take. We got to be playful with the voiceover on this one, but while the fitness class scenario makes for fun viewing, it’s also perfect for getting the information across.

Peace of mind with testing

Peace of mind with testing

Supporting scenes are based in a classroom setting (with the key learning points reinforced by text on screen), and further support is offered by a colourful workbook. Approved by the worlds’ biggest H&S organization, IOSH, this course puts learners to the test with interactive knowledge checks and a quiz bank of rotating assessment questions so you can be assured that the learner actually learns something.



Everyone has the right to learn and learner need can vary depending on environment or disabilities. To support this diversity, we provide transcripts so people have text options for media, alongside subtitles for all videos.

The course has been thoughtfully designed to be screen reader friendly with alternative text. We're committed to creating a user-friendly experience, with accessible visuals and easy-to-use navigation.

Certified training

This course is an IOSH approved courses which means you're getting industry best practice content in health and safety.
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