Training doesn’t have to be boring to become compliant.

Compliance is a set of rules that both employers and employees from different regulatory bodies, governments, or industry organisations must follow. Almost all employees come across compliance in their day-to-day roles, in any industry. Sounds a bit… dry, right? Not if we have anything to say about it!

Our compliance collection uses storytelling, animation and interaction to engage learners, and clear language to make sure it’s accessible to all. Our goal is to help keep everyone safe, and you can be assured of their quality and accuracy as all relevant courses are approved by the Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (IOSH) after vetting by subject matter experts.

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A glimpse at some of the courses

Compliance isn’t just good advice to keep employees safe. Workplaces have a legal duty to cover this stuff. Our stunning policy and compliance collection explores those topics. This includes Asbestos Awareness, Ladder Safety, Lone Working, Accident Reporting, Chemicals & Harmful Substances (COSHH) and Plant & Machinery amongst many other great titles to make sure your business remains compliant in all matters. You can view 6 of the most popular below in more detail, or take a look at our roadmap for all courses featured in this collection.

Fire Warden Training

Fire is both useful and necessary. But of course, it’s also dangerous. So, we need to train people to control it, y’know, to help keep everyone safe. Okay, so maybe you didn’t want to be a firefighter growing up. It takes a special type of hero to put on that uniform. But you can still play your part in fire safety, wherever you work.

A fire warden is someone that helps mitigate risk around the workplace. This course is an overview of what their duties involve, including understanding roles, firefighting equipment, managing hazards to prevent and control hazards, and understanding key legislation. You’ll also learn about the fire triangle and the effects of smoke.

Accident Reporting Training

Every office has a health and safety enthusiast – it’s the person clutching a clipboard and reminding you for the 3rd time not to overload the power socket. You may roll your eyes at their strictness, but they’re keeping everyone safe from injury and preventing fines landing on your desk. Businesses must have responsible people to report accidents at work when they occur. Aside from keeping employees safe, it’s the law.

Correctly reporting incidents at work is essential for your business. That’s why this Accident Reporting Training is a crucial part of all personnel and workplace compliance training. It will teach you all you need to know about reporting accidents in the workplace, tracking safety progress, and improving working conditions for employees.

DSE Computer Workstations

“If you sit too close to the screen your eyes will go square!” Yes, that was a pretty unconvincing argument our parents told us. But it would have been a bit too lengthy to say, “If you sit at an incorrect viewing angle it will cause eye strain, upper limb problems and backache, and the glare from the display will force you to rely on glasses”. No child would take notice of that…

This course covers exactly what’s required to set up your workstations correctly and support your staff (see what we did there?). It’ll also give you the facts so you can threaten your children with confidence when they’re on the iPad for too long. A great side-effect of useful learning, we think you’ll agree.


We all exceed the limit on noise. Whether it’s listening to loud headphones, going to the cinema, or getting a train that makes that squeaky noise on the tracks every day because it never gets oiled. Living with noise and knowing that we may need a hearing aid one day is something we all accept as normal.

But noise can be dangerous, especially at work. And employers have a duty of care to look after their employees’ health. This course will teach you what the risks of noise at work are and what action you should take to protect your staff.


Ever heard of Nikola Tesla? Nope, he didn’t invent a fancy electric car. Tesla was an inventor though, responsible for the AC motor that went on to be an integral part of that car which bears his name …and a ‘death ray’, apparently. Cool. Back in Tesla’s time, electricity was EXTREMELY DANGEROUS to work with. Lab explosions, huge fires and electric shocks were common. Things are more regulated these days – in order to protect against accidents and to make sure that people working with or near electricity can do their work safely. The bottom line is that taking sensible precautions will keep you injury-free.

CDM Regulations

Remember the days in your youth when you’d build brightly-coloured brick houses? Whilst those experiences might have stood you in good stead for your future career, modern construction is a little more complicated. That probably goes without saying, and the same is true of the fact that construction projects can be dangerous, and that procedures and working practices need to be regulated. No matter what your role is in the project, you have legal duties under the CDM regulations, and this course will help you understand what they are. Handy, right?

Full course list

Global courses
Asbestos Awareness      20 mins
Working with Substances Hazardous to Health 15 mins
UK & EMEA courses
The Adventures of the Lone Worker       20 mins
Working at Height       20 mins
Legionnaires' Awareness      20 mins
The Ups & Downs of Ladder Safety      15 mins
The Adventures of RIDDOR      5 mins
Working in Confined Spaces      20 mins
Fire Warden Awareness      15 mins
Computer Workstations (DSE)      15 mins
Accident Reporting Training      15 mins
Plant & Machinery      15 mins
Electricity - The Shocking Truth      15 mins
Noise      20 mins
Abrasive Wheels      15 mins
Introduction to First Aid      20 mins
CDM Regulations      15 mins
Driver Awareness Training      15 mins
Control of Contractors      15 mins
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