How to create a premises management strategy for your school

Maintaining a structured premises management strategy in your school adds to a quality learning environment and ultimately the society as a whole.

Quite a sweeping statement, don't you think?

How about if we added: Your Site Manager is one of your most important members of staff?

Consider the brutal reality of this for a moment:


 Create your premises management strategy

A school that operates a robust premises management strategy, led by a site manager who is aware of their responsibilities, maintains records, and is correctly trained in accordance with what the over-arching strategy requires, has a fundamental role in the success of the educational performance of a school. There are no hard and fast rules to having the best premises strategy on the planet, but there are goals that can be set which you can target longer term.

Example goals for your school

  • The appearance throughout the school remains inviting to students, teachers, and the local community.
  • The inviting ambience attracts and retains quality teaching staff.
  • Adequate lighting arrangements are maintained throughout the school, boosting productivity.
  • The school has a consistent air quality, has a stable temperature throughout the year, and manages noise throughout to comfortable levels.
  • The cleanliness and sanitation throughout the school are of upmost importance.
  • Any risk of an adverse health effects are minimised.

Example actions for your school

  1. Educate the staff on the value of maintenance and how a properly functioning facility can help them educate their students.
  2. Establish a budget for maintenance.
  3. Describe how to hire qualified staff or contractors to perform tasks.
  4. Develop a preventative maintenance plan, including schedules for periodic maintenance checks.
  5. Use a work order system to track work orders, maintenance performed, and costs for each piece of equipment.
  6. Ensure that the maintenance staff has proper Operation and Maintenance manuals.
  7. Ensure availability of recommended spare parts in the warehouse.
  8. Provide training to the maintenance staff.

Why have premises management strategy for your school?

We work with a variety of schools across the country, and have visited many over the past couple of years. There is a tangible vibrancy in the schools that have adopted an affordable premises management strategy. Regardless of how old the buildings may be, the positivity oozes from the walls from the moment you step foot into the reception area.

Schools that operate at sub-standard levels often have a high staff turnover resulting in any knowledge of the premises operational systems, and their legacy issues, disappearing or not being communicated effectively.

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