Health & Safety training doesn't have to be boring to become compliant

Workplace health and safety is all about sensibly managing risks to protect your workers and your business. Good health and safety management is characterized by strong leadership involving your managers, workers, suppliers, contractors, and customers. In a global context, health and safety is also an essential part of the movement towards sustainable development.

Our Health and Safety Collection covers a wide range of topics to help you and your employees with all the knowledge you need to stay safe at work. That sounds a little dry, but don’t worry – it’s not. Not when we’re involved.

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A glimpse at some of the courses

Whether people need to learn how to stay safe in the event of a fire, learn to become a first aider or how to report an accident in work to comply with Health and Safety law; we've got you covered. We have a wide range of courses. You can view 6 of the most popular below in more detail, or take a look at our roadmap for all courses featured in this collection.

Fire Awareness Training

Fire is no joke, especially in the workplace. It’s so important to be able to identify different types of fire safety equipment, know where it is, and how to use it in case of emergency. And if that emergency did come to pass, you’d need to know how to escape safely. But prevention is always the best place to start. So, being able to reduce the risk of fire in your workspace by adjusting your behaviours to comply with fire safety legislation and regulations, and storing and using hazardous substances safely, is vital.

Manual Handling

If you’ve ever hurt yourself lifting something, then you’ve, unfortunately, joined a not very exclusive club. Injuries when lifting or moving objects are commonplace in any industry as well as around the home. It’s true that some of these injuries aren’t especially severe, and, although painful, sprains or strains are the likely outcome of a manual handling injury. But even relatively small injuries can mount up and lead to things that put you out of action for weeks, or worse.

Slips, Trips & Falls

Cartoons would have you believe that a slip or trip, with a comical sound effect, of course, is really funny. But actually they can be extremely serious. This course helps explain the consequences of slip and trip injuries, as well as identifying the common causes of them. On top of that, we define good and bad practices, and help you understand the regulatory requirements that keep you safe.

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

PPE is the shorthand way of saying personal protective equipment. That means the safety equipment you might use at work, like hard hats, those luminous wellies, and even ear plugs. 

It’s not just designed to make you look cool. Or at all, for that matter. It’s there to keep you safe around the workplace. This course has been designed to tell you all about it, as well as helping you stay compliant with current health and safety regulations. All pretty important stuff, we think you’ll agree.


Understanding the problems that bad lighting can cause and how you can avoid them is a must when you’re at work. This course will help you understand the dangers of having insufficient lighting and illumination levels, and help you assess and manage the health and safety risks attributable to poor lighting in the workplace. It also looks at the requirements around adequate lighting in the workplace, so you can stay compliant.


This course provides guidance to employers on their responsibilities and on measures they can take to manage workplace temperature. If employees are exposed to unreasonable temperatures at work, the consequences to their well-being can be serious. By controlling indoor temperatures and imposing appropriate measures for outdoor working, employers can protect their workers from the risks of heat stress, cold stress, and dehydration.

Full course list

Global courses
Risk Assessment Training      15 mins
Lighting      15 mins
Good Housekeeping      10 mins
Covid-19 Awareness      15 mins
Personal Hygiene in the Workplace      15 min
UK & EMEA courses
Slips, Trips & Falls      15 mins 
PPE Essentials      20 mins
The Basics of Manual Handling      20 mins
Fire Safety Awareness       15 mins
Aggression & Violence      15 mins
Introduction to Safe Systems of Work      20 mins
General Workshop Safety Equipment      15 mins
Getting In & Out of Buildings      10 mins
Temperature      15 mins
Welfare Facilities      15 mins
Drugs & Alcohol at Work      15 mins
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