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Workplace temperature levels have a distinct impact on workforce productivity levels. Heating is one of the most important features of an office – if you don’t turn it on when it gets chilly, you’ll get a frosty reception from your staff. Workers don’t like being subjected to working conditions which are hot and sweaty, either. Adequate temperature control is required to keep employees comfortable and concentrated on work.

What you will learn

This course provides guidance to employers on their responsibilities and on measures they can take to manage workplace temperature. If employees are exposed to unreasonable temperatures at work, the consequences to their well-being can be serious. By controlling indoor temperatures and imposing appropriate measures for outdoor working, employers can protect their workers from the risks of heat stress, cold stress, and dehydration.

iAM - Temperature Landing Page Artwork

About this course

Ever heard the expression “if you can’t stand the heat, get out of the kitchen”? Well, if you work in catering and that’s what your head chef shouts at you, then you’ve got problems. This course is all about “thermal discomfort” at work. Employers are legally obliged to regulate indoor workplace temperatures to ensure they are within reasonable levels. Of course, those levels depend on the nature of your workplace – a ‘reasonable temperature’ will be different for an iron foundry compared to a frozen food facility, for example.

It is essential that the right measures and controls are put in place – whether indoors or outdoors – to ensure that working conditions for employees are nether too hot, nor too cold.

Engaging the learner

Let's face it, workplace temperature isn't the most exciting topic. So we got to thinking of good example cases – who might be subjected to extreme temperatures at work? And then it hit us: Superman. It’s got to get pretty chilly up in that Fortress of Solitude, right? Okay, so an ice fortress is not the best “real world scenario”, but what does that matter when we’ve got a superhero as our protagonist? Not everybody is impervious to heat or cold. Take Batman. As a mere mortal like us, he has to take precautions when he’s exposed to extremely hot or cold working conditions.

And so our story unfolds… with two iconic heroes battling in the face of thermal discomfort! That’s the hook for this course, and that’s what gives the topic a splash of colour and excitement. This helps the learning messages connect with the audience, who are also given real world examples demonstrating the relevance of the training. Things like adjusting thermostats to the correct temperatures. Approved by the world’s biggest H&S organization, IOSH, this course tests learners with interactive knowledge checks and a quiz bank of rotating assessment questions.

Piece of mind with testing

Peace of mind with testing

This course also has an assessment at the end which allows learners to test their understanding and helps businesses demonstrate a level of competence in the topic.

With a bank of questions learners will get randomised assessments which means if people do fail the assessment, they aren't faced with the same quiz again; after all you want to test learners knowledge and not their ability to remember the right button to press second time around.



Everyone has the right to learn and learner need can vary demanding on environment or disabilities. This course comes with transcripts so people have text options for an media, subtitles for all videos and is screen reader friendly with alternative text.

We take a number of steps to ensure visuals and navigation is easy for your people. 

Certified training

This course is an IOSH approved courses which means you're getting industry best practice content in health and safety.