How to use iAM’s online compliance software for schools

See behind the scenes of our software with iAM team members, Holly and Laura, as they explain how you can use iAM Compliant to keep on top of all your school’s safety management and premises compliance needs.

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  • Introducing you to your new iAM account,
plus explaining how to add your assets
and generate task reminders.
  • Covering how to make the most of the 70+ training courses available and how to invite others to use iAM.
  • Learn how to create, read and sign your own risk assessments, plus send to others to complete.
  • Including reporting one off maintenance jobs and keeping a record of your preferred contractors.
  • Print a scorecard detailing your compliance status and job log for your premises.

Pricing Plans

Our pricing is simple to understand. There are no hidden additional costs and your school will only be invoiced on an annual basis, making it even easier to manage your budget.

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What our clients say about iAM

  • Terry Redfern,
    Head of Finance, Business and Administration, Brimsham Green School

    “The most important impact iAM Compliant has made on the school is that it gives our managers, our premises team and our governors, surety that we’re doing the right things at the right time and that we’ve done it in the most cost-effective way.”

  • Mike Coyne,
    Headteacher, Hanham Primary Federation

    “The reason we like using iAM Compliant is that it gives us all of the guidance, recording and support for our compliance issues - all in one place. It allows me to just get on with being the Headteacher of my school.”

Need some help getting set up?

Although iAM Compliant has been designed to be simple to use, sometimes you just need a helping hand. A member of our team will be happy to arrange a free online training session with you to help get your account up and running.

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