The iAM Compliant Partner Programme

Do you provide health and safety services to Schools or other businesses? Add further value to your
 service and earn significant additional income with our new initiative.

It’s not just relevant to schools – iAM can be used across all industries. If you provide services to other types of clients, iAM will work just as well. Giving you even more potential revenue!

What’s in it for you?

  • Saving time and money

    Save you time and money during future audits

    Free Training

    Free ‘On-boarding’ training of the software

  • Additional Value

    iAM will provide additional value to your services; with over 75 training courses available to all staff, real time monitoring of your recommendations post-audit, online risk assessments and more

    Exclusive Discounts

    Offer your clients an exclusive discount of 10% off their first year’s subscription

  • Peace of mind

    Peace of mind that your clients are remaining compliant under your company’s name

    Commission Incentives

    Rolling incentive scales available with the potential to earn significant additional income

How you could use iAM Compliant
 for your clients.

Monitoring Audit Suggestions

After your initial audit of a school, you could set up a list of tasks on their new iAM account to complete. That way, you can remotely access their system at any point to see whether this has been performed, and also measure their level of compliance. This would help to make future audits more streamlined and less time consuming - giving you extra time to source more business.

Risk assessments

Get rid of the paperwork and utilise iAM’s online documentation facility. Upload digital copies of your own risk assessments and/or policies for your clients to rea, circulate, and electronically sign. Plus these can be reviewed, updated or checked on at any time. Clients can even publish their own bespoke assessments if required.

Training Library

You can now provide your clients with an online training library of over 70 micro-learning courses as part of your service offering. With a variety of health and safety topics to leadership and project management subjects, training can be accessed by all members of staff in a school.

Upsell additional services

iAM gives you the freedom to think of new ways you can provide further services to your clients – thus making additional income (e.g. offering termly desktop audits). The sky is the limit!

Pricing Options & Partner Incentive

Although iAM Compliant subscriptions are available to purchase directly, as an iAM Partner you will be able to offer your clients an exclusive discount off their first year’s subscription to encourage sales. Partners will be paid a percentage based ‘referral fee’ on an annual basis, determined by the number of clients you have signed up. With a rolling incentive scale you have the potential to earn significant additional income each year.

Download our Pricing and Incentive information for full details of how much income you can expect to make through your iAM Compliant sales.

How to become a Partner

If you’re interested in becoming an iAM Partner, we’d love to hear from you. Simply fill in the below form and a member of our team will be in touch to discuss this with you further.